What Is The Best Emailing Service For My Business?

There are countless of emailing services out on the market. This review focuses on the top four.

Starting with number 4…

Yahoo Mail is neither gone nor forgotten. In fact, its newest version is a very high-quality and professional service. The well-designed interface features a large inbox view, easy browsing, and one-click filters.

3. ProtonMail

Proton places a focus on security and privacy, including complex privacy features and end-to-end message encryption. It also offers 500MB of free storage. This Swiss-based email service lets users sign up anonymously, IP addresses are not logged, and full support of PGP email encryption is available. There’s no way anyone can read the contents of your emails. Address verification makes it possible to ensure you are communicating with the right person.

2. Outlook

Outlook is the second-best choice for a business, with a web interface that follows the same style as the desktop version of the service. There is a preview pane on the right, the contents of the current folder in the middle, and folders and organizational tools on the left. If you choose the free account, there will also be ads on the right.

You have fast access to shared features via the toolbar. To access other features, simply right-click on folders or messages.

Our No. 1 Pick

Dating all the way back to 2004, Google’s Gmail is the undisputed market leader among free email service providers, used by over a billion people the world over. The biggest part of the screen is dedicated to your inbox, with a minimum of toolbar clutter and other distractions. Messages are neatly organized according to conversations to make viewing easier. Even first-time users can read and reply to emails with ease.

This review is in no way exhaustive of email service options, and some types may be more suitable than others depending on your specific business.

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