What Is The Best Website Hosting Solution For My ECommerce Website?

ECommerce is undoubtedly one of the most important forms of business in the world today. In ages past, face to face business and retail ruled the roost. Now, instead of going into a shop, we can simply logon to Amazon or Google and buy our favorite things without even leaving the house. If you intend to create a business, eCommerce is an absolute must.

An integral part of creating an eCommerce website is to find suitable website hosting provider. Hosting is required in order to make your website accessible to the public. To help in your ecommerce venture, we have gathered 5 top website hosting solutions for this type of business:

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1.Wix – website builder & hosting in one

Cost p/month – $5.16
Benefit – Easy to use website builder and hosting solution

Wix is possibly one of the best known website builders available today. This website builder features fantastic support for ecommerce at reasonable prices too. The actual hosting for Wix is reliable and has a great uptime. Moreover, you can add scripting and databases too for advanced product information etc.

2. SiteGround – Dedicated eCommerce hosting

Cost p/month – $2.75
Benefit – Extremely cheap and reliable

SiteGround is right up there at the top of the hosting tree with giants such as BlueHost. Their ecommerce offering is magnificent and they boast some of the cheapest monthly prices on the market. Moreover, the hosting is easy to manage and it has brilliant support for WordPress.

3. 1&1 – eCommerce hosting and website builder

Cost p/month – $9.99
Benefit – Ample storage and monthly bandwidth

Similar to Wix, 1&1 also offers a website builder tool together with ecommerce hosting solutions. Their monthly price is a little higher, but you receive full access to the builder and plenty of storage and bandwidth to cope with an influx of ecommerce custom.

4. BlueHost – partnered with WordPress

Cost p/month – $2.25
Benefit – Hosting optimized for WordPress and excellent customer support

BlueHost is possibly the most well-known hosting provider in the world. So what can you expect from a company with this reputation? They offer ultra cheap prices, even for an ecommerce hosting solution. Moreover, they have fantastic server specifications, great customer service, and you can benefit from your own IP address and SSL certificate.

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5. Green Geeks – Environmentally friendly option

Cost p/month – $3.95
Benefit – Unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts

If you care about our environment then why not consider Green Geeks? This ecommerce hosting provider uses only green environmentally friendly energy but still offers a fantastic package with low prices.

These 5 ecommerce solutions are perfect for your hosting requirements. Remember to consider the scope of your eCommerce site so that you know how much storage and bandwidth you will need. Moreover, you could also consider reseller hosting if you wanted to start your own hosting business. Finally, don’t forget to consider if you need any database support or scripting languages for the back end of your ecommerce website.